Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dinky Electric Motor Kit

As I was working on a new webpage about the small quadcopters that use the tiny coreless motors,the type of motor with no iron core in the armature, it had me thinking of the Dinky Motor kit that Darcy Whyte had designed. I had mentioned to Darcy that many schools have students build a 2-pole electric motors as a class project and it is a great challenge for many. I built one and it was not easy for me or was my motor very reliable. My blog article 2-Pole Motor Project Some Ideas to Get You Started has been my most popular blog article by far with well over 6000 views.

Dinky Motor

Darcy said he had built motors when he was younger and wanted to try to come up with a new design. With CNC equipment to use he was able come up with a design made with parts of some type of fiber board that slipped together so tightly no glue was needed. This motor would be considered a “coreless” motor as there is no iron core.  By far this has been the best small motor kit I have built as it worked perfectly after assembly unlike some other kits that took considerable effort in adjustment to get running. Adjusting the brushes correctly is important with any design motor so other people might need to spend a little extra time getting the insulation completely scrapped from the wire if it does not run right away.

Bill Kuhl

Darcy's Video Instructions for Dinky Motor

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