Monday, April 13, 2015

Big Wind Get Out the Box Kite

Other than a brief time Saturday morning it was windy all weekend, it made for pretty good radio control slope soaring. Sunday evening I thought this might be a good time to get out my box kite and fly in the strong wind. From past experience I have found my box kite took a strong breeze to stay aloft.

When I reached the park the wind was gusty and switching directions, I had the kite going aloft and then it would come back to the ground. Then there was a period of a few minutes that the wind was slowing down, darn I wished I had brought a kite that flies in lighter wind. Just as I was thinking maybe my kite flying was over for the evening the wind really started to blow, the kite jumped into the air and I kept feeding it line. Higher it went until there was very little line left on my kite reel.

At this altitude the air seemed to be less turbulent and the kite stayed up for another ten minutes until I slowly started reeling it down. I like kites that fly well without a tail as it is one less thing not to have to untangle.

Bill Kuhl


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