Monday, April 29, 2013

Kite Flying Purchased Kites

It has been too windy for most model airplane flying the last two Sundays but it has been good weather for kite flying. I have taught several classes on building kites but I like to purchase kites also to see what I can learn from them. Some kites can be found where toys are sold and more expensive can be purchased online or from a kite store. 

Delta Kite

Yesterday the wind was not real strong so I thought it would be a good time to test out a fairly large delta kite I had purchased. Delta kites are wide and not normally so tall resulting in a higher aspect ratio. From flying model sailplanes I am very familiar with hi-aspect ratio which means a longer wingspan and narrow chord which gives a higher lift to drag ratio resulting in higher efficiency. Delta kites normally will fly in lower wind speeds than some other types of kites. This kite flew very stable in the wind conditons yesterday and was able lift to an almost vertical angle.

Box Kite
On the previous Sunday I had flown a box kite because the wind was really strong. The box kite has a rather low-aspect lifting surface because it is narrow.  Once enough wind is found to lift off the ground it flies very well without needing a tail for stability.

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