Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Water Rocket for Kids

Water rockets is probably the activity that I have been part of with the largest number of kids in the last few years, before that it was rubber powered model planes. My idea to try water rockets was when the local park and recreation had a summer camp for model planes and rockets. The solid fuel rockets are sure fun but rather expensive when doing many launches. Somewhere I got the idea to try water rockets which might be cheaper.

Many people build their own launchers but I decided to purchase the PITSCO Aquaport launcher because it appears to be very popular. I am concerned about safety when doing this activity and did not want to worry an accident was caused because of a launcher I had built. The rockets I have used for groups are based on a smaller bottle and have lots of foam on top. I use a good quality bike pump with a gauge and do not pump to excessive pressure.

This is a good activity because the build time is short and the rockets are so fun to watch when they launch. On my website article there is a PDF file template for the fin pattern I used for the 24 ounce bottles. Normally I cut the fins out ahead of time with a hotwire foam cutter sold for creating model railroad scenery.   Water Rockets Article on Website I have also created a couple of videos on water rockets.

Bill Kuhl

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