Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Model Aviation in Winona

I feel rather sad that the city I have lived in for the last 20+ years no longer has a model aviation club. There are no doubt several reasons for this and I am sure that our community is not alone in this. The Winona Aero Modelers held an amazing fun fly the second Sunday in September at the local airport, Max Conrad Field. It was a huge undertaking for a club with relatively small membership, probably around 15 when we were holding the fun fly. Model pilots from many cities brought some incredible model aircraft to fly in Winona. It was a good way to show off to the community what model airplane flying was about.

Ken Spittler's Free Flight Converted to Electric RC

The picture above is of the model airplane flyers in Winona in the 1940's, one of the guys in the picture Ken Spittler I still fly with. Another modeler in the picture Bernie Drier lives in Rochester and is still very active flying model airplanes.
Pit Area of Winona Aero Modelers Field

Winona Aero Modelers Last Field

Eric at 13 Started on Computer Flight Simulator

One of the major issues to keep a model airplane club going is recruiting younger members. Locally we have some younger people flying electric RC planes when they can find time but the club was already on the decline when they started. It is my understanding that Eric in the picture above flying is now flying military drones.

Pictures below from September Fun Fly at Max Conrad Field:

Inverted Pass at Airport Fun Fly

4-Engine Model Landing

Nice Jet Model

Bill Kuhl

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