Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little Bit About My Father

It has been three years now since my father passed away, he was an amazing man.  Best known for his inventions and work related to farm machinery. He was one of those people that could process in his mind just how parts would come together and build a working item without any plans. These were no minor projects; these were 4-wheel drive tractors that hinged in the middle, a pickup camper, and a pontoon boat as examples.

Mike Kuhl in Younger Years

In the future I will write more about my father, luckily I had created a 22 minute video of him before his death that I had showed to several groups and at his funeral. He had taken some 16 mm film of his farm machinery that I had converted to digital for the video. A short segment I uploaded to YouTube and can be seen at the end of this post.

Champall Forage Wagon

My father grew up on a farm back when it was really back-breaking work and tried to come up with inventions to improve on the way it was done at the time. His forage wagon design was built with a steel frame underneath when others were using wood frames. This design would not only be built by his company Champall Manufacturing but he would receive royalty payments from other companies.

4-Wheel Drive Tractor

Pontoon Boat Aircraft Wing Tanks
Pickup Camper With Electric Lift

Bill Kuhl

Champall Manufacturing History - my 25 minute video of my father's business

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