Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kidwind MN Renewable Energy Challenge

This Saturday April 13, 2013 is the Kidwind Minnesota Renewable Energy Challenge at the School of Environmental Studies.  I was a judge for this last year but will have to miss it this year.  This is a competition for kids to build model wind turbines and have them tested in a wind tunnel to measure the electrical output.  There is much more to the competition than that such as the teams having to give presentations, and being interviewed about their wind turbine design.  High Tech Kids holds this competition in the spring and LEGO robotics during the winter months.

MN Renewable Energy Challenge 2012

Typical Competition Wind Turbines

On my website there is an article on how to build a modelwind turbine using wood and cardboard for the blades. An inexpensive dc motor is used for the generator portion of the wind turbine.  I have helped with this activity for Fuel My Brain classes and as part of College for Kids classes I taught.  The students really get competitive with trying to get the highest voltage reading from their model wind turbines. Adjustments can be made to the angle of the blades and the length of the blades that are factors in the output voltage.
Fuel My Brain Class
College for Kids Class
Website Construction Project

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