Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trout Fishing

Another one of my favorite activities is fishing for trout in small streams. I have been successful at this for probably the last 15 years, before that I would drown a worm in one spot. Maybe every couple of times out I would catch a fish.  Then I watched a video about fishing with spinners and how you had to be constantly be moving.  My catch rate increased considerably when I tried a new approach.

Typical Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout Must be Planted in Area Streams

Looking at the scenery in the pictures I post makes it look like such a perfect activity. What the pictures do not show is me tripping over branches hidden in tall weeds, falling into cold water when not sure of the edge of the bank, getting snagged in the trees, and trying to wade through a bottom that is like quick sand. Walking with hip boots full of cold water isn't much fun either. At least I have only touched an electric fence once, a truly shocking experience. I have never had a bull chase me either because I do not even like to be in with the cows.

Trout fishing is one activity I tend to not want to share everything I know. Not that I am a great fisherman but I do fairly well. I like to eat trout as well but only catch what I will eat in a meal and release some of the fish. The season starts the end of this week and there was a dusting of snow this morning, it might be a late start for me this season.

Bill Kuhl

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