Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Acting Career - ha ha

A few years ago I was persuaded to be an actor in the local Cemetery Walk.  I can say with certainty that I have no prior acting experience except maybe in elementary school so it was a rather brave thing to try.  Memorizing lines sure did not come easy for me, but other people seemed to have just as much trouble. The first year I even tried rehearsing into a tape recorder and playing it back.  Getting everything to absolutely match the script isn’t critical but too much adlibbing makes it tough for the other actors.  Remembering the cues from the other actor’s lines can be tougher than remembering your own lines.



The skits we did lasted no more than 5 minutes but on a weekend day you might have to perform this over twenty times.  This was in the fall of the year and it could be cold at times, it was also a very pretty time of year with the changing color of the leaves.  Some of the performances were in the morning for area school children and the weekend performances were for the general public.  It was the biggest money making activity for our local history center.

I see from the pictures that I had done these four years as I appear in four different costumes. The first year I was an undertaker, then a railroad engineer, not sure about the third year.  Last year I was a fire chief in the great “egg scandal” in our city, a mayoral candidate bought votes by selling eggs for cheap.

I think I did alright although I am sure not a natural actor, it has to be good to get up and speak in front of people.  Most people myself included would mess up once or twice and then do fine.  It was almost like you had to get the mistake out of the way and then the stress eased up.  A few weeks later you can not remember any of the lines and the next year you forget the character you played.
2013 I Play an Ice Cutter (2nd from Left)

 Bill Kuhl

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