Friday, April 19, 2013

Rubber Powered Free Flight Airplanes Dominate on Facebook

Now I need to qualify that statement.  On my ScienceGuyOrg Facebook page I consistently notice when I post pictures of rubber powered free flight model airplanes there is considerably more interest than postings about radio control model airplanes.  Just as interesting the audience to this page is more female (52.25%) in the 45 –  54 age group.

I can give recent examples but I have seen this for some time.


My posting of to my blog story about my gas engine radio control plane shows 44 people saw the post.

According to the viral number no one shared it.


The link to my blog post on Indoor Free Flight saw 68 people and 11 viral.


RC Soaring link to blog only had 24 views and 0 viral.


Now look at the picture I posted of Guillow’s Lancer 111 people saw post 1 share.

But look at the Viral 74!

Bill Kuhl


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