Monday, April 8, 2013

Flying Windup Airplanes Yesterday

By far my most popular blog post has been "Why I Still Fly Windup Model Airplanes". Yesterday I had a chance to do exactly that although I did fly one radio control airplane.  Maybe part of why I like to fly the free flights airplanes is because it is easier to take pictures of the planes flying when you are flying alone.  I have taken some pictures of my radio control planes while flying the plane and that is a real trick, the plane must be stable and slow.

Uncle Sam Shortly After Launch
Denny Dart II

Uncle Sam Coming in for Landing


The wind was gusty yesterday but I was still able to have fun flying the simple rubber powered airplanes. Part of why I like to fly these types of planes is there is not much risk if the plane crashes or flies away. The scale-type planes I normally only fly in near calm conditions normally in the evening or morning before thermal air currents are likely.  Launching a simple plane into thermal air current is really kind of a thrill to see it go higher and farther than normally possible. Sometimes it flies out of sight. Competition free flight airplanes use a "dethermalizer" to bring the plane down after a set time, this is something I want to experiment with this flying season.

Peck ROG Flew Well in the Wind 
New Foam & Straw Plane Climbing Well

Bill Kuhl

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