Thursday, April 16, 2015

Post # 200 & New Articles on Website

This is blog post number 200, Thank you to everyone that has been reading these blog posts, it has been because of the number of views that I have been motivated to keep writing. The total number of views is rapidly approaching 80,000 which I think is pretty good. Some individual posts have had views in the thousands and a couple haven't reached 50 yet, it seems mainly connected to the subject matter.

On my website I am expanding the material beyond the simple build projects to include more about the model aviation hobbies that I enjoy. There is a new article on Basic Quadcopter that I consider a good start on an article but I am adding to it on a regular basis. Related to this I have a new article written by someone else, Wayne Diercks has an article on his battery testing for the SYMA X5C-1 quadcopter.

 Also in the works is an article about the Guillow's model airplanes. I have built several of their model airplane kits for rubber powered free flight and converted a couple for electric radio control. The quality of these kits has been improving and with some minor changes many of the kits will fly really well.

Check out Building and Flying Guillow's Models Webpage

I hope everyone likes the format I have been trying to follow of limiting the articles to no more than 5 paragraphs with about an equal number of images and possibly a related short video clip.

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