Monday, December 4, 2017

Aviation History / Model Aviation Hobby Demo

Never do I get bored with my model aviation hobby as I have many facets in the hobby that I enjoy.  Competition in free flight and radio control sailplanes is part of it but I also enjoy flying just for fun,  model air plane building with student groups, and giving demonstration of model aviation while combining history.  My more recent demonstrations have been to older groups but I have also demonstrated in public schools and a local university.  My hope is that through practice I am getting more connected with my target audience and making the presentation more interesting. I recently did a presentation for two groups in a nursing home and they really appeared to enjoy what I presented.

Models and Posters

This blog post will be really short but I encourage those interested to check out previous blog posts on demonstrations I have done. Please consider doing a demonstration for a group, it is a lot of fun and not that hard. I have included links to some of the products I have used.

Wright Bat and Helicopter Toy used in Student Classes

Very briefly, my presentation is about the progression of ideas in aviation including the role model airplanes were part of. Then I demonstrate the progression of ideas I had starting with the very simple Foam Plate Glider (FPG-9) and then designing more complicated foam gliders and rubber powered airplanes. At the end I do a flying demonstration of some really lightweight models.

Rubber Powered Stick & Tissue Free Flight Models

Progression of Foam Glider Ideas

Rubber Powered Foam Planes

More Foam Gliders
Tiny FPV Quadcopter was Demonstrated

Bill Kuhl

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Video of Practice Before Demonstration


  1. Hi
    Do you have an article or more close up pics of straw and foam rubber power glider? I want to know that with straw fuselage, how can the prop hook be fitted.

  2. I do not have a great method of attaching prop hook, I think wrapping with thread and lots of glue.