Monday, March 18, 2013

Aero Ace Biplane - RTF RC Airplane

In my opinion one of the best toys ever sold was the Air Hog Aero Ace Biplane. Sometimes sold for as little as $20 was a radio control electric biplane that was almost indestructible. It was controlled by varying the speeds of the two electric motors that powered the plane. Move one stick right or left and the other stick on the transmitter controlled motor speed which controlled the climb. Not the most precise control but it worked. The plane was made of a compressible foam that would absorb just about any damage when you did crash. Three frequencies were used for these planes so three planes could flown at one time.

Three Frequencies Labeled as C- A - B

I managed to purchase six airplanes with a pair of planes on the same frequency. This way I could have three people flying and have the other three airplanes charging. At least a couple of times I had done a demonstration at a university for engineering students and then had them take turns flying the little biplanes.  Another time I had a group of handicapped people flying the planes and they did well flying the planes.

There would be other Air Hog RC planes come out after this, to see what is currently available check out this link:   It did seem that the popularity of the planes did decline within a couple of years.  I put the electronics gear in one of my Foam Jet II foam gliders and it flew really well: Foam Jet II Webpage

Bill Kuhl


  1. My first Air Hogs biplane flew OOS one day at a local park about 10 years ago, I had removed the bottom wing after reading online that they flew just as well or better that way. Since they were discontinued I figured I'd never have the same plane again. Recently at a swap meet at the RC field I bought one for $15. The box is tattered but inside untouched. I haven't flown it yet, but its nice to have one sitting on the shelf ready to go. A fun plane for sure.

  2. do u have any we could buy off of you?!?!?!?!?! please email me

    1. Sadly the lithium batteries are shot on these.which are several years old now.