Monday, March 25, 2013

Trying a New Idea on Rubber Model Nose Plug

On rubber powered free flight models with a full width fuselage it is so often a problem that at the end of the flight when the tension of the rubber motor is gone that the removable nose plug will fall out and be dangling by the rubber motor.  Hopefully the propeller assembly and nose plug will not not detach from the rubber motor and be lost. Normally it just disturbs the glide by causing more drag but it does not look very good either.

Propeller and Nose Plug Dangling on Guillow's Super Cub

There have been many methods tried to keep the nose plug in place during flight but I did not want anything sticking out of the plane which is the case with some types of latches. I have tried the tiny but powerful neodymium magnets and just wanted to try for a cheaper solution. What I came up with was  using some squeezeable foam on the nose plug assembly that puts some pressure against the inside of the fuselage in the nose area of the fuselage and causes a fair amount of friction.

Foam Visible Before Gluing Bottom On 

My concerns with my idea is that the foam might become detacched from the balsa that it is glued to. It will be fun to see how this holds up over time. By the way the plane I am trying this on is a Guillow's Lancer.

Nose Plug Before Gluing Foam

Bill Kuhl

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