Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Compressed Natural Gas

Thanks to an invitation from Chris Schneider of Honda Motor Werks I attended his presentation at the local high school on compressed natural gas vehicles for an environmental studies class. This isn't a new technology but the popularity has been increasing and now we have a local gas station that offers pumping of compressed natural gas. The Honda vehicle that Chris has been driving has achieved up to 50 mpg with a fuel that is selling for $1.60 per gallon. The range is close to 300 miles.

The issue of fracking did come up which is a real concern in my area because of the growing sand mining in the area. Presently only about 20% of the natural gas is through fracking. What Chris was promoting as a better solution was using methane sources of gas to create the natural gas because the escaping methane is such a harmful greenhouse gas.

CNG Tank

There were some good student questions and then we went outside to exam the Honda automobile that operates on compressed natural gas. It was unfortunate that it was so cold outside but I did managed to take a few pictures.

Bill Kuhl


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