Friday, March 22, 2013

Dinkar Narwade - India - Part I the Canada Connection

The story of my connection to Dinkar Narwade a teacher in rural India begins far to the North in Ottawa Canada and a simple rubber powered model airplane know as the Squirrel. Darcy Whyte and I have been emailing for several years do to our mutual interest in model airplanes and more specifically introducing model planes to other people. On my website I have a whole article dedicated to Darcy Whyte and the Squirrel Model airplane. Darcy Whyte & Squirrel Article

Video interview of Darcy Whyte

Darcy had made connections with Dinkar and had sent some Squirrel kits to the school. Thinking that Dinkar might also be interested in the project on my website, he had sent Dinkar my email address. After receiving an email from Dinkar I sent him a sampling of some of the projects on my website. In rural India it is difficult to get materials that would be common anywhere in the United States.

Dinkar & students with Squirrel Model Plane

Story Continues

Bill Kuhl

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