Friday, March 8, 2013

How or Why ScienceGuyOrg was Started Part I        by Bill Kuhl

The idea to start a website that would be known as was to have a portal into science-related Youtube videos. A local computer company created a custom video interface for me, this would also remove the Youtube comments which is what I wanted so it would be "kid-friendly". This was a great idea in theory but in reality most schools block Youtube.  The name for the domain came from a brainstorming session we had to pick a name that was available.

After adding many videos to the portal I started creating some content, like often seems to be my problem I tried to make something that was so broad in scope. One of the first articles was Modern Auto Mechanics which has a fair amount of interest but then I created an article about my work Network Administrator Career it really bombed.  Still not to give up on something that was not a project article, I created Innovations in Transportation which I put a huge effort into, response has been fair.

The one thing that starting with the video portal did for me was gave me a method to gauge interest in many topic areas. In this way I noticed that videos related to mousetrap cars were very popular. I purchased some mousetrap car kits from Doc Fizzix and began experimenting. For my website I created a general knowledge article and a construction article on mousetrap cars which draws probably 90% of the views to the website. Water rockets was another area I noticed high interest and created an article on my experiments. It became apparent that physics-related project article was what most of the viewers to my website were looking to find so that is where the major effort has been placed.

Note: The website is now

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