Friday, March 22, 2013

Dinkar Narwade - Part III Learning About Rural India

Before I started emailing Dinkar I had such a different idea what life in India was like. My impressions were of large cities with crowded streets and call centers to support companies in the United States. How different I would find life in the rural areas yet the views and interests that Dinkar and I shared were very similiar in many ways.  I so looked forward to the pictures he would send and had many questions, he probably thought my questions were silly. One example I noticed in some pictures the students were wearing uniforms and in other pictures they were not. Apparently they have only one uniform and Thursday it is washed.

Foam Plates & Gliders on Thursday

Students Made me Cards Wearing Uniforms

Excerpts from emails sent by Dinkar:

"Here are some metropolitan cities that contain everything you need. But I am talking about India, that scattered in large rural area. Rural India has totally different face than urban one, and I am working in rural part of India..Hey my school hasn’t a single computer to introduce the world of internet.!! Sometime it makes me feel bad about my student’s future. Now I using a cellphone to send you pc is at my workplace, the nearest town from my school."

"Hi Bill,those are great pictures.I can only saw USA in pictures and movies.I think its nearly impossible for me to visit your country in my entire life!...Hey Bill I am a fan of Hollywood movies.Steven Spielberg is my favorite director.I almost watched his Indiana Jones are some my favorite movies-Titanic,Brave-heart,Troy,Gone
with the wind,Godfather,Enemy at the gates,Brokeback
mountain,Avatar,pirates...Johny depp......etc."

Bill Kuhl

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