Monday, March 11, 2013

Interesting People I Meet - Boaz Givon

In connection with my website and the activities, I meet some rather interesting people. Someone, I think it was Gary Hinze had mentioned on a model aviation forum that there was a company that would hold model airplane classes in schools. This really seemed amazing to me in that I find it difficult to find schools interested in model aviation demo's or classes even if done for free. Then I am not actively promoting this either, when I have done it, the request had come through word of mouth.  "The Hobby Quest" is the company that will teach these classes for a fee with teachers trained in this area.  The Hobby Quest

Boaz Givon had started The Hobby Quest and I had contacted Boaz by email and talked on the phone also. From what I can remember now Boaz was a teacher and the model aviation classes started out as a part-time activity that grew to the point he decided to take it on full time as a business. There are multiple locations now, it is best to read the details from The Hobby Quest website.

We exchanged some items, I sent Boaz some CD's I had created and he sent me some sample model airplane kits that his company markets. Some are rather unique in appearance, but all fly well. There was an electric powered free flight plane with a very interesting wing wing and fuselage shape. Another rubber-powered model plane looks like a flying letter "O".

Bill Kuhl

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