Monday, March 11, 2013

How or Why ScienceGuyOrg was Started Part II by Bill Kuhl

Think Green Fair Rochester Minnesota
Public Appearances

To further promote my website and the projects I have been experimenting with; having a table at events is always interesting. The first event was at our local Frozen River Film Festival which I have been part of every year since, the last couple of years they even invited me to be there. Local Earth Day has been a yearly display except this year I was asked to teach to after school association group on the same day. Normally I do not travel very far or pay much for the opportunity to display because I am not making any money from this, it is just a way to showcase what I am doing and see the reactions from people.

When I first started doing this I would update my website with pictures from every event but I noticed that not many people were looking at these pictures so I stopped updating this, Facebook seems to work better for that.  Pictures from ScienceGuyOrg Events Normally there would always be a group of kids around my table and they would want to play with anything they could. Some projects were good for that and other projects such as water rockets had to be for display only. During slack time I might demonstrate an item such as run a mousetrap car across the floor or fly a model airplane. Some parents were interested in what I was doing, occasionally I would talk to an interested teacher. In the beginning I had stacks of business cards on the table and the cards disappeared quickly but very rarely did anyone call me, website views slightly increased afterwards. Views to ScienceGuyOrg Facebook did increase by a large amount after posting pictures from an event.

With little detectable return on the effort and time to be at these shows one might question why I continue to do this, the entire answer is because it is fun. I enjoy demonstrating and talking to people about something that I am passionate about. If I influence a handful of kids to pursue science or engineering in school or as a career what I do must be worthwhile.

Bill Kuhl

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