Monday, March 18, 2013

My Public Video Productions

Max Conrad Famous Local Aviator

There was a period in time I spent a considerable amount of effort in creating videos that were typically about 20 minutes minutes long. The first video was about alternative energy and my hope was for this to be shown at a local Earth Day celebration, that would never happen. For a first effort I though it turned out fairly well and I did show it in front of a few small groups. My next video project and the most widely shown video was about local famous aviator Max Conrad. This video came about when I casually mentioned to the History Center director that I would like to create a video about Max Conrad. Right away he wanted to know when I could present it, so I had to go to work and complete this.

At the time I had a website about Max Conrad which helped me get access to many photos from relatives of Max and other people that knew him. In Winona MN where I live this man was a hero and when I showed the video at the History Center it was the biggest crowd they ever had for a noon presentation. I would get requests to show this video in front of several groups. The website I would turn over to the Conrad family.

After this I created a video about the Mayo Buildings in Rochester which is my hometown, a video about my father's business Champall Manufacturing, and one about local restaurants. Another presentation was a Power Point on the local railroads which a friend Bob Rydman did much of the on work. This was very popular too but I had someone else do the talking because my knowledge of local railroads was not that extensive.

Champall Manufacturing - My Father's Business

It was fun doing these projects and presenting in front of different groups. The subject matter was normally of local interest but that made it rather unique. Besides the History Center I would normally present at local senior center and nursing homes. Before showing the video I would talk for a few minutes and after the video answer questions. This was good for me to get the experience talking in front of large groups. I would like to do more of this but for all the effort to create one video normally less than 200 people will ever see it. I turned my efforts after that to create short YouTube videos that thousands of people would see for some videos, I do miss the more personal contact.

Bill Kuhl

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